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-18€/night kids up to 5 years.
*Ask about prices with the owner to rent the house.
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*Each dog will ned top ay €60/night.
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Environment´s information

The beauty and the diversity of the landscapes of Berguedà surprise to the visitors. A natural enviroment where the natural park of Cadí Moixeró highlights. And as it is indicated in Tourism “leisure area, fountains, excellent lookouts, refuges and centers of activity will make nicer its stay”. Landscape of the region to highlight: the Fountains of Llobregat in the municipal term of the beautiful village of Castellas de n’Hug, and L’Adou del Bastereny in the municipality of Gisclareny.
In the artistic heritage we recommend, for example, the Romanesque-Lombard church of Sant Vicenç de Rus (Castellar de n’Hug), the church of Sant Jaume de Fontanyà, church of santa Maria de Lillet (La Pobla de Lillet). Monestir de Sant Llorenç (Guardiola de Berguedà), Sant Sadumí de Rotgers (Borredà), churches of Sant Quirze de Pedre and of Sant Vicenç d’Obiols (Avià).
In the house’s surroundings there are many forest tracks to walk, ride a bike and wide spaces to play football.
Close is the hermitage of la Mare de Dèu de La Torreta (1042)
 4 km: Navès with swimming pools.
5 km: Montmajor with swimming pools.
12 km: The Cript of Olius
15 km: Cardona with its castle, the cript and the salt mines.
21 km: Berga and Solsona
50 km: Pigcerda


The Museum of Art of Mushroom is in the middle of the urban core, just in the square of the Market, and there are many mushrooms in the region of Bergudà and for that about the middle of the XX century, Berga, the capital of Berguedá, is named the capital of the mushrooms and Berguedà is the best area to look for them. In this Museum more than five hundred of pots are shown that represent about two hundred mycological species, made in an artisan way by Josefina Vilajosana. Place to visit: remains of the castle of Montmajor, that was property of the folk singer Guillem de Berguedà until 1187, and there are just left remains of the tower. Next to it there is the destroyed Romanesque hermitage of Sant Sadurní, church of the castle from 1050. The parish church, also from Sant Sadurní, it is from the beginning of the XIX century.


Parque Natural de Serres de Cadí-Moixeró
Es un parque de gran extensión donde podemos encontrar una enorme variedad de especies de fauna y flora. Situado en el Prepirineo, el tipo de roca, mayoritariamente calcárea, ocasiona un relieve adust...
La última forja catalana
Acércate a Ripoll y aprende, desde dentro mismo de un obrador, cómo funcionaba una forja catalana. La Forja Palau es el último exponente de este tipo de instalaciones; el último vestigio de una indust...
Iglesia de Sant Romà
La iglesia románica de Sant Romà es uno de los monumentos más bellos de la comarca. Posiblemente fue en el siglo XII cuando se construyó o al menos se rehizo la iglesia de Sant Romà de Valldarques, en...
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